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  • Brand 25 is the new, powerful tool that encourages target groups to reveal their conscious and unconscious brand experience.
  • This creative blog provides exciting, benefit-driven ideas for new products and services.
  • VALLERY (validated gallery) is a validated set of images for implicit brand measurement to carry out a valid analysis of underlying motives and unconscious processes.
  • A nationwide network of creative, committed and independent consumers are ready to help develop new concepts and probe perspectives.
  • AlasCapro is a flexible and user-friendly conjoint multi-tool for product design, pricing and benefit segmentation.
  • Six coordinated modules allow you to measure, manage and improve customer satisfaction.
mystery research
  • Incognito and unannounced, we experience your company in person in authentic, everyday customer situations – and provide decisive insights for your CSM activities.
p+m cati-bus
  • If you need affordable and valid market research data fast, then grab your questions a seat on the P+M-CATI-Bus.
p+m online-bus
  • The P+M-Online-Bus delivers fast, representative answers to topical questions. You’ll have the results within a week!

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